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Welcome to Rita's Bakery.

Custom Decorated Petit Fours

Rita's Bakery, located in Knoxville Tennessee, has been family-owned and operated since 1993. We specialize in old-fashioned mouth-watering cakes, pies, petit fours, cookies, brownies, pastries, breads, and cheesecakes.

Do you need a custom dessert for a party or special event? Just let us know the colors or theme of your party, so we can color our yummy buttercream icing to match.

Do you want a cake for someone with hobbies or special interests? Just tell us what you want and we can draw it on a cake. We frost our cakes in old-fashioned buttercream (white or chocolate) or cream cheese icing. We also make caramel, coconut, strawberry, or whipped icing. We charge for decorating on a per-cake basis depending on the design you need. Contact us for custom pricing information.



Cake Sizes 8-inch Layer
(12-14 slices)
(24 2" slices)
(48 2" slices)
caramel $34 $36 $65
carrot $33 $35 $64
chocolate $36 $38 $69
chocolate Italian $40 $42 $70
coconut $32 $34 $58
devil's food $28 $29 $48
German chocolate $41 $43 $72
hummingbird $39 $42 $70
Italian cream $35 $38 $66
red velvet $33 $35 $64
strawberry $34 $36 $65
white $26 $27 $46
yellow $26 $27 $46

Caramel Cake

Other Sizes — We do #1 smash cakes for that special first birthday celebration. We also make cute little 4" layer cakes in white, yellow or devil's food. We can make larger (10" or 12") or smaller (6") layer cakes of any flavor by special order.

Tiered/Wedding Cakes — Because we are a small, family-owned bakery, we can only do one tiered cake per weekend, so be sure to call early. We make tiered cakes for 75 servings or fewer, starting at $3.25 per serving. Call 688-5484 to arrange a consultation on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Cheesecakes — We make a variety of flavors in two sizes. Our small cheesecakes (8") serve about 8-10 and large (10") provide about 16 servings. Small cheesecakes are $22, and the large are $34. Give us a call to see what flavors we have available.

Other Desserts

Other Desserts

Petit Fours

Petit Fours — Nothing perks up a baby shower like petit fours, and they're a lot easier to serve than cake! We split 2"x2" squares of our cream cheese pound cake with lemon, raspberry or vanilla filling. We just need a 3-day notice and direction about how you want them decorated (rosebuds, baby booties, etc.) They're $2.75 each and we have a one dozen minimum for orders during the week.

Iced Sugar Cookies — Sugar cookies, iced and hand-decorated with our yummy buttercream, are a big hit for birthdays and parties. We can create some especially for you (starting at $2.25) or you're welcome to come check out the seasonal cookies we have on hand in our case ($2).

Pies — How about a pie? We just need a day's notice to make one especially for you. Our pie flavors include: Double-crust apple, Chocolate chess, Chocolate ice box, Chocolate mousse, French coconut, Fudge turtle torte (gluten-free), German chocolate, Key lime mousse, Lemon ice box, Peanut butter, Pecan and Pumpkin.

Cookies — Our cookies are $.50 each or a dozen for $6. Our choices include chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickdoodle, or peanut butter. The thumbprint cookies are by far our most popular and can be ordered in the colors of your choice (with advance notice). They are $6 per dozen.

Brownies — We have 4 types: chocolate iced, rocky road, cream cheese, and congo bars (blonde brownies with chocolate chips, caramel, & pecans). They are $2 each. We can quarter them to make brownie bites for $2.25 each.

Pastries — We have a wide selection including cinnamon rolls, scones, strawberry-cream cheese croissants, muffins, fruit-filled puff pastries, & sticky buns. Give us a day's notice and we can prepare a platter for your breakfast meeting.

Decorating Guide

Decorating Guide

Swirls & Inscription (No Charge)

There's no charge for an inscription and swirls of color in bright colors or pastels if we choose the colors – if icing colors are specified a $2 charge will be applied.

Cake Tinting — Prices for tinting an entire cake are $10 > 8" layer, $10 > 9"x13", $15 > 12"x20" sheet.

Color Matching — Bring in a swatch or sample and we can tint our buttercream icing to match.

Sweet Designs — We can draw just about anything in icing on our cakes. Most custom artwork starts at $10.

Our hand-decorated iced sugar cookies are $2 for in-season cookies (holiday, Vol football, etc.). Custom sugar cookie decorating (birthday, baby shower, company logos) starts at $2.25. Want your football team as gingerbread cookies, uniforms, numbers and all? How about mummies for Halloween or leprechauns for St. Patty's Day? Our gingerbread cookies are $2.25 in the case (in season) or custom decorated starting at $2.50 each.

Our Petit Fours are made from our cream cheese pound cake split with a lemon, raspberry or vanilla filling. The 2"X2" square is $2.75, and decorating is free unless it's a more complex design.



Founder of Ritas Bakery

Yes, there really is a Rita! She's our mother and most of our recipes come from her! We truly are a family bakery with our siblings helping out with the baking, decorating, box-folding, deliveries, and general errand-running. So, what started out in Grandma's kitchen has become Rita's Bakery!

Call (865) 688-5484 to place your order.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are located in Fountain City at 3023 Tazewell Pike in a free-standing brick house directly across the street from National Fitness Center.

Our normal business hours are Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Please call ahead to check our turnaround times when placing an order.

(865) 688-5484


Rita's Bakery Map

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Thumbprint Cookies by Ritas Bakery